What is Creativity Coaching?

Creative coaching is a process that implements strategic vision, planning and support to help visionary businesses, artists, writers, musicians and other creatives develop their talents, raise the standard of their performance, and achieve their dreams.

Coaching is different than therapy and first requires a person’s desire to be coached. Coaching can take you in a new direction because of the perspectives gained and stories shared.

Mary Beall Adler addresses three aspects of creativity and creativity through her coaching:

Visionary Business

Business creativity involves generating new ideas and products, while simultaneously solving problems of innovation that exist, professionally or personally. Creativity within business implies that an organization is as efficient and productive as technologically possible.

Business Planning & Marketing

By implementing a meaningful business plan, entrepreneurs can benefit from a continuous and strategic process of making decisions systematically and with the great knowledge of their futurity. Business plans can also help systematically organize efforts needed to carry out business decisions. Learn from a range of business planning and marketing tips, examples and tools, such as how to write a business plan, techniques for writing a marketing strategy, strategic business plans and sales plans.

Creativity & Entrepreneurs

Creative entrepreneurs think in terms of creating opportunities, producing results and making profits. This leads them to create systems and businesses that generate wealth and free up their time for their next big idea.

MBA Creativity Coaching