The Gift of Living a Contented Life

createWhat do the homeless people at Camillus House in Miami have in common with the artists sharing their work during Art Basel week? What exists when a situation occurs where creative people of contradictory qualities are in the same place? What can be mutual, meaningful, and shared?

It bothered me that I saw onslaughts of homeless people all over Miami while this amazing art event was taking place. I was curious how the homeless folks viewed the public sculptures, art, and music that was abundantly available and literally surrounded them.


There isn’t a simple answer but I noticed, as I spent a day working the kitchen at Camillus House, distinct similarities. First, one has to be creative to make 3 meals a day from scraps for 300+ people.  There was one chef, one culinary student, ten men grateful to assist and work their way off the streets, and me.  I noticed nobody was questioning the mystery of where he was or what he was doing. There was an acceptance of the mystery of life. Acceptance existed and there was an attitude of, “Let’s create something meaningful,” right here, right now and let’s share it with each other. Let’s serve each other. I doubt many artists in Miami noticed the paradox yet they are making an impact on homeless people. It is a practice of gratitude to share our creative work.  Everyone has a calling to be inspired, to be a leader, and to be creative.  When action is pure and selfless, everything settles into it’s own perfect place where a connection of energy exists and creativity happens. Living a contented life is powerful.  It is a practice of gratitude.

At one point, I needed a break from the hot kitchen, and wandered into the other room where about 50 men sat spellbound watching Art Basel commentary on TV. The gift of creativity the artists brought to the homeless folks in Miami was not measureable, but it was profound.

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