Tapping Into Our Creativity

courage+2There are key elements we can use to manage our creativity. It is important to schedule just for artistic endeavors. Our creative area of interest needs artistic space so we must set it up. Creative escapes WITH our work are important. We want to learn to be conspicuous! We want to learn to be conspicuous because we don’t want to be self-conscious about our identity. We want to be strong about who we are, and the idea is to fight the cultural restrictions we experience: cultural self-censorship, and artistic self-censorship. Be careful of self censoring, both individual, psychological, and cultural self censorship.

Be clear on how much you’re willing to risk. This takes courage. Consciously go through the conversations you need to have about which risks you decide to take and what choices you make. Often our experience of an artistic work in progress is one of ongoing courage. Courage to be authentic and true to our form of artistic, creative expression.

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