Generating Mental Energy

credit: letterhappy

credit: letterhappy

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We get what to do when we’re physically tired, but when we’re mentally tired it’s a different thing. Mental energy can be reinvigorated by falling back in love with your work. Once you fall back in love with your work something sparks about why you’re doing what you’re doing. This is important to notice because mental fatigue can stop you from doing your work.

I carry a special stone/talisman from my favorite beach on Lake Michigan. It’s the place I go to where I feel at one with my heart. This stone in my pocket comes in handy when I need to remember why I’m doing what I’m doing. Sometimes I hold it and affirm my life purpose statement or simply say, “I love you, work.”

Talk yourself back into love with your project.

How does energy move as we go through a piece? There are stages of the process. First, wanting to work on something, then starting with tons of enthusiasm and high energy. There is the long, long working time of each day and getting to the work without inner turmoil, but with love, and at the same time we feel ourselves dancing about the choices of why we’re doing it. Energy moves toward approaching completion and fifty zillion demons raise their heads; we’re afraid of finishing because then we’ll have to start again; possibly renewed darkness of beginning again; grief…..we may be “loving” where we’re at, yet when it’s done we ought to sell it and we have to deal with that. We should also factor in the market place through the entire process. This takes a tremendous amount of focused mental energy and holding ourselves gently through the process helps creates space for renewal.

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