Dream Freely and Define Success

Credit: Josh Glover

Credit: Josh Glover

I had a heart to heart with myself a few years ago and asked myself, “what do I love to do and what makes me feel great”? I have an entrepreneurial spirit and a successful business, but I did not actually feel successful. I have had great coaches in my life and one thing I learned is that knowing what you know is one thing, but being able to coach or teach and pass it on to someone else is a true gift.

I am passionate about peace. I love music, art, theatre, dance, writing, sports and a wide variety of creative endeavors. An important key to creativity is: DREAM FREELY AND DEFINE SUCCESS. I came across an anonymous definition of success which works for me: To live your life your own way, To reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, To be the person you want to be — That is success.

My dream is to give peace, inspiration, honesty, love, hope, jobs, water & education to women & children, books, podcasts, and leadership in whatever way I can on a day to day basis, and particularly through creativity coaching and giving others the tools to follow their creative goals. I plan to give my heart and soul to inspiring uniqueness and creativity through concrete steps of action. Stay tuned. MBA has begun.

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