Create Your Dream


It all begins with a dream. We allow ourselves to imagine, believe, and create beyond our wildest expectations when we accept the possibility of building our "castles in the air".  As Henry David Thoreau said, "Of course we build our castles in the air. That's where they should be. Then we have to build a foundation under them."

We can dramatically transform our artistic areas of expertise and business by embracing creativity, and establishing the resonance of our soul. It's important to know your subject matter well and realize what makes you an expert. There is nothing more attractive and productive then your own uniqueness and authenticity. Know what that is and be willing to articulate and share it.

The Gift of Living a Contented Life

createWhat do the homeless people at Camillus House in Miami have in common with the artists sharing their work during Art Basel week? What exists when a situation occurs where creative people of contradictory qualities are in the same place? What can be mutual, meaningful, and shared?

It bothered me that I saw onslaughts of homeless people all over Miami while this amazing art event was taking place. I was curious how the homeless folks viewed the public sculptures, art, and music that was abundantly available and literally surrounded them.


Go For Your Dreams

How do we live the life of our dreams? What DOES really make us happy? I believe these are important questions to ask ourselves as we take steps to fulfill our life purpose. Do not compromise. Go for it.

The immediate words that come to mind for my happiness right now are love, serve, and remember. Love finds the perfect partnership in everything. Begin with loving yourself. Take care of yourself first and then there’s the capability, strength, and knowledge to partner in other important relationships in your life.

Generating Mental Energy

credit: letterhappy

credit: letterhappy

Are you succeeding or failing at work-life balance? Give a few interesting details and we may get in touch for an interview and a profile of you.

We get what to do when we’re physically tired, but when we’re mentally tired it’s a different thing. Mental energy can be reinvigorated by falling back in love with your work. Once you fall back in love with your work something sparks about why you’re doing what you’re doing. This is important to notice because mental fatigue can stop you from doing your work.

Tapping Into Our Creativity

courage+2There are key elements we can use to manage our creativity. It is important to schedule just for artistic endeavors. Our creative area of interest needs artistic space so we must set it up. Creative escapes WITH our work are important. We want to learn to be conspicuous! We want to learn to be conspicuous because we don’t want to be self-conscious about our identity. We want to be strong about who we are, and the idea is to fight the cultural restrictions we experience: cultural self-censorship, and artistic self-censorship. Be careful of self censoring, both individual, psychological, and cultural self censorship.

Dream Freely and Define Success

Credit: Josh Glover

Credit: Josh Glover

I had a heart to heart with myself a few years ago and asked myself, “what do I love to do and what makes me feel great”? I have an entrepreneurial spirit and a successful business, but I did not actually feel successful. I have had great coaches in my life and one thing I learned is that knowing what you know is one thing, but being able to coach or teach and pass it on to someone else is a true gift.